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Hello everyone.
We would like to notice the official update of PRIME2 2018, 2.02.0 version.


★ How to update ★
1. Prepare recognizable USB for the machine.
2. Please download PRIME2 2018 update patch file, and then save it on the root of your USB.
Link1 : 2.02.0
* You must update them in order.
3. Lastly, insert USB into the machine of PRIME2, then press “Test” button located in the service box of machine and go to "SETUP / USB DRIVE" menu and select "SYSTEM UPDATE"The update will be processed and rebooted automatically.
* If the machine is connected with internet, update file will be downloaded automatically and the update will be processed when the machine is rebooted.
(Downloading depends on Internet speed)


★ Update notice ★
1. For updates, you can use normal USB you have (Some USBs might be incompatible).
2. It is not able to update the latest version without installing previous versions.
* You are required to update as following order and we attached these previous patch files for your convenience.

     1.01.0 patch -> 1.02.0 patch ->1.02.1 patch -> 1.03.0 patch -> 1.04.0 patch -> 1.05.0 patch -> 1.05.1 patch -> 1.06.0 patch -> 1.07.0 patch -> 1.08.0 patch -> 1.09.0 patch ->1.10.0 patch -> 1.10.1 patch -> 1.10.2 patch -> 2.00.0 patch -> 2.00.1 patch -> 2.01.0 patch -> 2.02.0 patch
3. You must put the update file on USB root. (Do not put it in any other folders)



★ Update list ★




1. New Songs

1) Title : Donatello
Artist : Triplestar
BPM : 175
Default step chart : S12, S17, S21, D18
D?? (Card only step)

2) Title : Up & Up (Produced by AWAL)
Artist : Skizzo
BPM : 150
Default step chart : S03, S05, S08, S17, D09, D18

 3) Title : Travel to Future
Artist : Neutral Moon
BPM : 160
Default step chart : S03, S07, S11, S17, D12, D18, D21
S??, D?? (Unlocked step)



2. New Step Charts

1) Title : Naiassance
Artist : BanYa
BPM : 136
step chart : S16

2) Title : Annihilator Method
Artist : DM Ashura
BPM : 190
step chart : S23

3) Title : Moon Light Dance
Artist : TatshMusicCircle
BPM : 182
step chart : CO-OP02


3. Quest zone
Quest “Chapter7” is updated.

4. UCS Update Notice
In the last 2.01.0 update, UCS function was temporarily updated only for the system except UCS homepage.
As we have mentioned, UCS homepage will be reopended at the end of March and it will be used via AM.PASS card.
Before upgrading, UCS can not be used with AM.PASS card and can be temporarily inserted into USB and UCS can be used by accessing USB via access code.
Please use USB for UCS function for a while if you wan to use it now.
We will do our best to use UCS with AM.PASS card.




Thank you.

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