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Hello everyone

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the sudden server maintenance.

On December 21st (Tuesday), a service failure occurred due to damage to the storage device of the server.
An attempt was made to replace the device and restore it with backup data, but even the backup data was damaged.

Unfortunately, all server data of Pump It Up has been lost.
Internally, we did our best to recover the data, but
It has been confirmed that lost play data is difficult to recover.

Please refer to the instructions below and refer to it when using the game.

[Data damage range]
* All server data of Pump It Up

[Data recovery range]
UCS   ~2018-09-06
Homepage account ~2018-09-06
Card information  ~2021-12-20
Play Data  ~Unable to recover
Title acquisition data ~2021-08-11
Step unlock data  ~2021-08-11
Owned Avatar  ~2021-08-11
* Based on Korean time (GMT+9).

[The game]
1. Accounts before 2021-08-11 can be logged in normally.
2. Accounts created after 2021-08-11 have lost data.

1. Some users can log in normally. (created before 2018-09-06)
2. For accounts that cannot be logged in, we are preparing a function that can be restored in the next week, so please be patient.

[Reword Plan]
1. 300,000 PP will be paid to all game IDs.
2. All prices of 'Item Shop - Step changed to 1 PP
3. For unrecovered TITLE, please send the acquired photo or video to 'marketing@andamiro.com', and we will pay it after confirmation.
  * However, only mail sent by 2022/1/31 is valid.

Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
thank you.



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