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NOTICE | Final result of 5th U.C.S contest! / modified in 7th july 2016

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Hello everyone
The 5th U.C.S contest is finished.
Thank you very much for your participation.
We are sorry for being delayed notification due to Andamiro's schedule.

Top 1st rank step and additional step by development team will be updated in the game as U.C.S step in the name of user's nick name.
Following is the winner's step of 4th U.C.S contest and additional step by development team

1. 1950 - SINGLE 15 ~ 18

2. 1950 - DOUBLE 20 ~ 23

3. Hestia - SINGLE 14 ~ 17

4. Hestia- DOUBLE 15 ~ 18
WINNER : AlexRose

5. Chinese restaurant - DOUBLE 15 ~ 18
WINNER : AlexRose

Additional step by development team's choice.
1. 1950 - SINGLE 15 ~ 18

Among additional U.C.S steps by development team, (1950 - Double 22 / IMBA) will be canceled because there was a mistake from us.

Sorry for any caused inconveniences.

You can check the final raking list from the bottom of each contest page.
We will provide PP to the representative ID as soon as possible.
We look forward to your many interests to the next U.C.S event as well.

Thank you.

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Congratulations to winners!! ^_^

UYAB님의 댓글

UYAB 작성일

Congratulation :D

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 작성일

Congratulation winners! Wonder will there any butthurt people again? :P

JILL_님의 댓글

JILL_ 작성일

Z_AL  is full of garbage person, from Indonesia
he has like 2 ID's to vote
and i bet he is the leader to spam the vote

People  can watch it's Indonesia again to vote on someone

OttoMan님의 댓글

OttoMan 작성일

Z_AL let's meet in Bali Indonesia, at wpf
we want to have serious conversation with you

F*ck Off, Loser!!



Señor ANDAMIRO Seguimos insistiendo en que se deba eliminar la Evaluación de USUARIO
Start and stand by period -> Register period -> Development team evaluation -> DELETE User evaluation -> Finish
Start and stand by period -> Register period -> Development team evaluation  -> Finish
Sera quien ustedes decidan a su juicio el ganador de UCS Contest en los próximos Concursos
Se sigue viendo los autolike por parte del mismo Usuario con cuentas falsas
Mr. ANDAMIRO continue to insist to be deleted USER Assessment
Start and stand by period -> Register period -> Development evaluation team -> User evaluation DELETE -> Finish
Start and stand by period -> Register period -> Development evaluation team -> Finish
Will you decide who your judgment Contest winner UCS in the next Contests
They still see the autolike by the same user with fake accounts

UYAB님의 댓글

UYAB 작성일

I dont't understand why people still mad at this.. None of Indonesian are winners.. IMBA is choosen by AM because his developer scores are high

UYAB님의 댓글

UYAB 작성일

Tbh, our strategy is organized by 1 of Indonesian representative in wpf.. In 5th contest, he/she want us to choose some good chart and boost it.. He/she too busy with wpf and don't give much effort in 5th contest..

The reason why we do boost in last minutes is if we boost in early, other will do more boost.. Our base strategy is at least our chart fit in 20 top so developer will count us..

We don't have much time to create id, so we open our pc/phone at same time (on last minutes) then we vote it.. Thanks to Indonesian piu forum, they do it well..

If you guys think Z_AL is behind this, you are take a wrong person.. He didn't participate in WPF, even IPF (Indonesia Pump festival)

Thank you :)

PRIVATE0201님의 댓글

PRIVATE0201 작성일

I'll try not to trigger a war, but for those who said Z_AL is the one who's behind this, wrong.

It makes me cringe that people get butthurt over Indonesia winning at UCS and targetting at wrong person...

And for this one, IMBA wins WITHOUT, i repeat, WITHOUT VOTE HELP. Andamiro themselves were the one who picked the chart, so that means the chart is, sorry, the charts are good enough.

Competition means someone will win snd someone will lose. Judt get over it. It's not like when your UCS isn't picked then you'll die, no. You have a better thing to do with your time rather than being butthurt here, peeps.

I'm not in any side, but seriously. Two comments that state Indonesia use autolike, and fake accounts... ugh, cringeful af.

Ertime님의 댓글

Ertime 작성일

How can all of indonesia voters gave 10 stars?
it has to be one person who borrow all of the ID's
and that person just vote with different ID's borrowed from his friends

can Andamiro just ban Z_AL id?
he is the worst person behind this dirty vote


ERSHIN 댓글의 댓글 작성일

"can Andamiro just ban Z_AL id?
he is the worst person behind this dirty vote "

You have proof?

PERRY님의 댓글


AM give indonesia too much
from WPF they got the most participants
like 3 speed male, 2 speed female. and freestylers

AM, you can see that they cheat you
this vote is not pure thanks to indonesia
i agree to just ban Z_AL id to make them understand


ERSHIN 댓글의 댓글 작성일

Indonesia sent more participants because they bought machines for their country more than yours. Simple as that.

And banning ID won't solve the problem. If I'm Z_AL and if I'm cheating (like you said), I only have to make new ID, participating again in the UCS contest, and do it again. Easy.

UYAB님의 댓글

UYAB 작성일

Chill down peeps, Indonesia didn't win in this period.. Alexrose won in 2 category.. Why didn't any of you guys blame him?

D_AAN_님의 댓글

D_AAN_ 작성일

Poor z.al, I wonder why you guys are so mad with this? I mean, Indonesian doesn't win this period with voting system,  IMBA wins by additional step

Felixor님의 댓글

Felixor 작성일

Have you ever look at AlexRose?
If not then you should
Oh you think its different, then why the rate is also 10 stars?
Think again please...

Indonesia got the most because we bought a lot of the machines, well nothing more simple than that

And why do you think it Z_AL fault?
Is it really because of what Indonesians do to support each other? Or you just want Z_AL to be removed because he has one of the highest total score like AngelWho?

D_AAN_님의 댓글

D_AAN_ 작성일

And one more thing, what if I say I'm the guy who's behind of this and not z.al? :p

UYAB님의 댓글

UYAB 작성일

No it's not you D_AAN, you didn't participate in WPF.. I did behind this :p maybe :p



calm your ass down, guys seriously.

look, i didnt participate in any UCS contest and didnt give a single vote on any UCS. but i know exactly what's going on.

to the dearest JILL_, OttoMan, Ertime, and PERRY, and whoever getting butthurt. im sorry that you didnt win the contest (if you joined, maybe your charts are not good enough or it's good only for yourself), im sorry that you didnt join the contest (because you cant do anything).

my best advice to you is stop talking trash because everything you guys said is WRONG in so damn many ways and it only makes you look dumber than anyone else. you didnt have any point, you miss accused Indonesians, and you are targeting a WRONG PERSON. i repeat, WRONG PERSON. it means you DONT even know a thing but keep talking trash. come on, get a life.

if you dont like the "Indonesian" charts just dont ever play it, not even once. or stop playing the game, that might be better. or if you think you can do way better than Indonesians did, then do it, but if you still lose then get the fvck off.



컨테스트에 참여를 하지 않았던 제가 쓸 말이 아닐지도 모르겠지만, 많은 참여를 부탁드린다고 글로만 적으시지 말고 좀 더 많은 사람들이 편리하게 컨테스트에 참여할 수 있는 환경을 만들어주셨으면 좋겠습니다. UCS 업로드, 수정, 댓글 등의 시스템부터 (부정을 방지하려고 댓글이나 채보 수정/삭제도 못하게하는건 빈대 잡으려고 초가삼간 태우는 격이라고 봅니다.) UCS 페이지에 들어오지 않는 이상 컨테스트가 진행중인지도 모르는 폐쇄성 등 문제점이 너무 많습니다.



Congrats Z_AL, you've just got more famous here when the reason to blame on is just sooo, sooo wrong in many ways lol

And to begin with, Z_AL is just another stepmaker. The person behind Indoboost or whatever you call a strategy is definitely another person! I can just laugh reading your butthurt, misleading comments lol.

If you're coming to WPF2016, consider yourself lucky because Z_AL said he will make sure to take selfies with pumpers all around the world. Whoever said wanting to have serious conversations with him, it's just perfect time to do that! Hahaha.
We're waiting :DD




Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 작성일

I'm going to WPF guys see you there :*

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 작성일

And developers, please fix AlexRose chart before it submitted on machine, it has wrong offset, Thanks!



It looks like that I have to accept this for the diversity.
Even though I prefer to arrange regular charts.



hedup luw korang peknik bruw kalo bu7hur7 mUwlu. si1r1k aje luw!

u_are님의 댓글

u_are 작성일

Indonesia try to make  ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU looks bad
it looks like ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU cheat the vote with the spams  from Indonesian
actually they don't want your spams
what you do is terrible, the bad person here is indonesian
ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU is pure not cheat, just blame on Indonesia,
shame on you

Ertime님의 댓글

Ertime 작성일

it looks like the Internet service just come to Indonesia
so they do the spam votes due to the reliability and they don't know what to do with the internet

SUNNY_님의 댓글

SUNNY_ 작성일

Indonesia you make the other participants look bad
it looks like ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU ask help for your spam vote
but i know that they didn't. they pure win and clean
but indonesia you make them look dirty by your spam votes

indonesia isn't dirty as a country, but the people as well
make sure that for wpf in Bali, the place is safe and no bomb there!


ERSHIN 댓글의 댓글 작성일

Usually I'm a silent reader in the forum, but reading this racist sick comment I want to tell you:
FIRST, if you think Indonesians are dirty, don't come there for WPF.
SECOND, if there's a bomb explode later in Bali, i'm sure it will one of Indonesian who read your shitty racist comment and decided to blow you instead.

Jehezukiel님의 댓글

Jehezukiel 작성일

Dear God...

Please forgive these butthurted people....
Keep blamming them guys... So when the truth goes otherwise....
You'll have yourself a BIG~ (and i mean very much) guilty feelings, to that innocent person and country you've just accused of...


PRIVATE0201님의 댓글

PRIVATE0201 작성일

I've been holding to not post this but...
Whoever owns u_are account, wtf. Seriously.
What? People are talking about Indonesian stepmakers won by spam voting (which they don't win by that system, IMBA won because AM themselves) and talking about Z_AL being the leader of this so-called 'monstrosity' (which is also wrong, there's someone else behind that, and even so S/HE ONLY EVALUATES THE CHART, NOT VOTE-SPAMMING.) and then there's you.

Speaking about us Indonesians trying to make ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU looked bad. Wtf.

Statements that UYAB, Z_AL, D_AAN, and i said were correcting about these... butthurt-ed people who thinks we are cheating. But hey, let me ask you. I'll just justify this, but WHO WAS THE ONE WHO WON USING POPULARITY SYSTEM FROM THE FIRST? And since that we have to change because 'it is how it is'.

Don't blame us Indonesians, you guys have a better person to blame to. Seriously, y'all just trash-talking, aren't ya? For those who really wants to meet Z_AL, DO SO. Talk to him or even if you want, yell at him. If you guys are just talking here but not doing so at Bali, then i can safely say that y'all just trash-talking.

Forgive me god for this, but you all have better things to do other than blaming Z_AL.

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 작성일

Look AM, your judging system still makes some people hurt and they start to blame the voters again because of vote a good chart. I don't know what to say anymore lol xD

SUNNY_님의 댓글

SUNNY_ 작성일

i see that there are a lot of piu players from indonesia
people can give different opinions and reviews about the UCS they see
but the indonesian all give 10 stars on the same UCS
it was just clear that they did dirty and spam votes




And seriously, spam votes is not a crime. If you are a participant of a talent-show based on votes, you will have your family/relatives promoting you too, I'm sure. It's not always because you're good, sometimes they do it because they love you and they are proud of you. Maybe even your neighbors will promote you as well. That's human,  that's normal. Shitty, but normal.

If you want to blame, blame the system. Blame AM for making a contest based on vote. Or maybe blame yourself because you don't have that much voters, blame yourself because you don't want to ask your friends to vote you.

And reading a racist comment about how bad Indonesia makes me angry, seriously. From a developer's CHOICE ucs (WHICH NOT EVEN A USER VOTE), you're blaming spam votes, talk bad about Indonesia, and even mentioning bomb in Bali? Don't you realize that bomb comment is hurting ppl, especially Balinese Pumper who read this? You don't even know what they lost due to the Bali Bombings, what pain remains inside them only to be triggered again by sick comment from a jackass who feel right to talk bad about other people because he thinks they deserve it!

Maybe previously Indonesia won by their dirty trick, but in other point of view, you can say they won because of their teamwork of a massive network. Whatever your point of view is, it doesn't make it right for you to remind some of them about how hurt they are due to the very-past-terrorism-act. Shame on you, SUNNY.


LEINWIZARD 댓글의 댓글 작성일

^ Couldn't agree enough.


^ read this? period.

Alpan님의 댓글

Alpan 댓글의 댓글 작성일

"Shame on you, SUNNY" LOL

It's just like you cannot blame Germany to win WorldCup 2014 because they have good strategy to be applied right? They win without breaking any rules, their strategy is adapted with any football rules, and they manage to exploit the rules to produce a good strategy to win them the World Cup.

You understand, bro?
Or your butt just hurt so bad so you can't think smart for a bit? :))



Mr Macnom, please ban these racist people instead of those who posted memes.

Felixor님의 댓글

Felixor 작성일

For god sakes...
Imagine if there is no indonesian voters from the first place, are you sure if the chart that would won later is the chart that ALL THE PLAYER IN THE WORLD would enjoy?

We simply vote for the best, ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU are one of them and we don't want any other "The Revolution S21" bullcrap incident, but before that lemme ask. Do you like that chart?
If so, then I won't comment anymore because in comparison. Look at JBoy comments about that chart, and it is essentially the same as the majority of people and my comment about that chart.

And why would you only look at Indonesia? Do you guys overlooked the facts that AlexRose and even MikeFS did the same thing?
Is it because thats where you're come from so you "defend" them?
Sorry for mentioning that, but please :
1) Look at others
2) Blame the system from the first place

You can't blame any nation because they're simply make use of what has been broken evaluation system.
Read each of the sencence carefully, okay? You guys can read, right?



I have to say something.

It is not as easy as just doing votes. It is more complicated than you think.

1. Indonesian stepmakers always revised the charts until it is good enough to be published.
2. We checked ALL THE STEPS in every categories to choose the best steps.

We are doing more because we still care about the game and willing to have the best chart to win


Please note, if there is another USC contest,


because it is still allowed.

If all of you (who are blaming to Indonesia) dont like this way of Indonesian strategy, I suggest you to :

1. Beat our system
2. If you can't do anything, STOP TALKING IRRELEVANTLY

I dont care about your comments because we believe we are still right

Be smart guys


Ertime님의 댓글

Ertime 작성일

Kaimaruz did it once with cheating the votes
later he felt it was not right, so he won't do it again
i hope indonesia get enlightenment, so they can know it's not something right to do
ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU must feel happy and proud that they win, at first
but soon when they looked at the details with the spam votes from you indonesia
ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU will not be proud about winning this competition again

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 댓글의 댓글 작성일


First, KaimaruzD do not cheat, It the flaws of the system, and the reason why people rant to him mostly because his shitty chart, not because of doing his strategy to winning his chart.
Second. Why ZELLLOOO and DAEGUOSU have to be ashamed or not feeling happy IF their charts are GOOD as hell? Are you a fortune teller? How did you know their feelings?

Am I have to translate this to your native language so you can get an ENLIGHTMENT? Guys, don't be so ignorant, and help us to make this game better by voting those who have good quality chart or make a good one, not rant above nonsense things! Okay! Cheers <3

NCS0607님의 댓글

NCS0607 작성일

비밀글 댓글내용 확인

NCS0607님의 댓글

NCS0607 댓글의 댓글 작성일

Why are you guys complain si much, meanwhile AM not disturb by 'that thing'
 So, you still think that Indonesians using illegal thing?
As long as AM not complaining, that mean those tricks are legal

CONAN님의 댓글


every UCS makers makes their own challenge in their UCS
people can see that the usual steps and neat in UCS is the best
but some people want to be challenged with the new patterns of UCS
with the patterns which are not available in the basic
we can't judge someone if he/she makes bad chart
because they gave their own challenge in the chart for you to play it
even when Indonesian or Z_AL think your judgement of UCS is better than AM

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 댓글의 댓글 작성일

We never say that our judgement of UCS is better than AM, but we do have our own reaserch and development. Also this is Andamiro competition, of course what they want is what matter.

Jehezukiel님의 댓글

Jehezukiel 작성일

Good grief, i wish VV D27 was a UCS.. and people will call it shitty chart....

Kazemaru's S22 of Chiken Wing also considered shitty, by some people... (lol seriously)
It's beatable even Jboy likes the challenge...... *sigh*

Well, okay, i'm not a good or likeable person who has any right to follow the comments..
But i can't stand watching innocent people or something amazing gets thrown out for what it is... It's just so wrong for me....
Just look how racist and Ignorant the comments againt Z_AL or Indonesian in general... IT was an error from AM's scoring system.... and they even decided to re-evaluate this time......

Whatever,  both my English and Bahasa are sucks, but i wish all of you could understand, the point i'm trying to make...

From what i can understand...

X made a chart -> Y (from Indonesia) think it's good -> Y want's to correct some timing errors made by X -> both X and Y agreed with the final chart -> X's chart was submitted to UCS Contest -> Y votes full score for them -> but Y found something better than X (Z's chart) -> Y voted for Z's chart (because Y thinks it's better than X's chart)
i know it's rough... but i think it's also possible to be happened like that..

pls... think before you start to accuse people, racistly (or whatever it is)



i see that people can choose the best step based on what they saw
so, some people can like this UCS, and some people can hate this UCS
and people can give their own votes to the UCS
now Z_AL and Kazemura think their own judgement are the best
they think that what they see the best are the best for everyone
you can't do that
every person has her/his own feelings toward the UCS they see
so they can score the UCS whether it is a good or a bad UCS
and they can vote the ucs to give how many points
but Z_AL and KAZEMURA make indonesia to vote the same UCS
based on what Z_AL and KAZEMURA thought the best
you abandon their right to choose the UCS they like

Z_AL님의 댓글

Z_AL 댓글의 댓글 작성일

You don't really know how many people in our team, right? We, the team (not only me and KAZEMURA but) do research to ALL the chart in this competition season. So, your opinion doesn't really valid. And, you said that every people can vote UCS that they really like, I bet so little people who purely willing to do that, I mean non-UCS-creator.

uh and what about AlexRose, or KaimaruzD on older season? Did they also abandoned others right to vote? Our team has more than 20 person fyi. Also, guys don't get heart feeling over this competiton things okay! This is just a regular discussion :)

MAEDA님의 댓글


다음 업데이트 때라고 해놓고 1.18에는 안 들어갔네요.
업데이트 3일 전에 '다음 업데이트 때 들어갈거예요'라고 하면 누가 생각해도 아 이번에 업데이트 때 올라오겠구나 생각하지 다음달까지 미룰거라고 생각?
아예 1.19 업데이트 때 들어간다고 확실하게 말하는 게 그리 어려우신가요?
채보제작자 쓰면 돈 줘야 되니까 UCS로 날로 먹으려는 거 이해는 하겠는데, 그럴거면 최소한 좀 재미있고 제대로 된 채보를 뽑던가.
솔직히 지금까지 UCS라고 나온 거 진짜 대부분이 거지같아요. 농담이 아니고 진짜 개 똥 거지같다고요. 쓰레기같다고요. 어떻게 개허접인 나보다도 채보 뽑는 기준이 그렇게 떨어질 수가 있는거예요? 이럴거면 차라리 제대로 된 돈 주고 채보 만드시라고요. 진짜 명작 채보는 순위권에도 못들었던데. 나참ㅋㅋㅋ
그리고 그렇다는 얘기는 결국 다음달이 지나도 신작은 안 내겠다는 소리죠?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
가지가지들 한다요 진짜....
혹시나 해서 얘기하는데, 안다미로? 업데이트 버전 숫자 올라간다고 뿌듯해하지들 마요. 오히려 쪽팔린거예요 알아요?
다음 업데이트면 1.19가 될 거고 그 다음달이면 1.20이 되겠네요.
그럼 사람들이 와! 안다미로의 업데이트도 벌써 19번을 했구나! 20번을 했구나! 정말 개 쩌는걸? 하고 대단하게 생각할거같음? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
원래 정상적이면 1.10이나 길어도 1.12에서 업데이트 버전업으로 연명하는 건 거기서 끝내고 신작을 내는 게 정상인거예요.
1년 안에 내려고 했는데 잘 안 됐네 에이씨 걍 까짓거 1년 더 해서 2년 되면 내자 ㅎㅎ 이럴 생각이었나요?
뭔 1년이란 숫자가 되게 쉽게 보이시나...개발이 늦어지고 이런저런 사정이 있고 바쁘고 뭐 늦어질 수 있다는 거 압니다. 이해해요.
근데 그러면 1년 지나고 3개월이나....6개월이나....7...8...9개월에라도 신작을 빨리 내야죠 진짜 미련하게 2년까지 패치라는 산소호흡기로 연명하려고요?
2년이면 중1이 중3이 되고, 고1이 고3 수험생이 되는 그런 시간입니다. 요즘 군대도 2년은 안 해요. 그 복무기간 길다는 공군도 2년까진 안 한다고요.
게다가 제가 볼 때는 2년이 되어도 안 내실거같은데....ㅋㅋ
이미 게임사가 죽어버려 좀비라는 별명을 얻은 이지투디제이도 신작이 꾸준히 나오고 있어요. 패치가 아니라 버전업이라고요. 그것도 펌프가 프라임 하나로 똥꼬쇼 하는 동안 무려 같은 국.산.게임인 이지투디제이는 정말 좀비처럼 꾸역꾸역 신작을 2개나 냈다고요. 아참 펌프 한국게임 아니었지ㅎㅎ 죄송
진짜 부끄러운 줄 아시고요. 반성하세요 제발. 아직도 당신들만의 리그에 빠져 님들끼리 낄낄대며 놀지만 말고.
그리고 부탁인데 신작 나올 때 제발 그 거지같은 퀘스트 존 따위 갖다버리고 월드투어랑 월드맥스 부활 좀 시켜주세요.
옛날에는 대륙 옮겨가면서 클리어하고 이런 저런 재밌는 이펙트나 채보 조건 등등 많았는데 지금 퀘스트존은 그냥 기존 채보에 판정장난 배속장난 친게 다잖아요? 그리고 4층은 다 UCS로 때워버리고. 어째 게임이 갈수록 퇴보를 해요? 정말 대단합니다!


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일단 서너가지 주장을 펴고 계신데, 좀더 잘 전달되도록 같은 내용으로 질문과답변 게시판에 올려 보는 것은 어떠신지요.
그리고 거지같은 채보 만들어서 죄송합니다. 그 전에 인기도 없지만...

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어차피 질답게시판에 올려도 내용은 일체 읽지도 않고서 앵무새처럼 담당부서에 전달하겠습니다 요래 말만 하고 끝내겠죠
자게에 올려도 되긴 되는데 애초에 뭐 고치라고 얘기하면 들어먹지도 않는데 얘기해서 뭐합니까. 그냥 제가 하고 싶은 말이나 하는 거라서...너무 당당하게 다음 업데이트로 미뤄놨길래 어이가 없어서 끄적였습니다.
이러다가 또 쌓이면 자게에 가서 쓰긴 하겠지만....
그리고 문플라워님이신가요? 저 스스로도 UCS 당선작들이 거지같다고 해놓고 이런 말 하기도 뭐하지만, 아니 물론 당선작들 대부분이 똥같은 퀄리티를 자랑하긴 하지만 딱 어느 걸 찝어 잘못됐다고 한 건 아니니까요.
제가 정말 몰라서 그러는데 당선되신 게 있으신지요? 카페에서도 UCS 다양하게 제작하고 배포하시던데....저도 슈퍼 판타지나 터키행진곡이나 히글디피글디 우편마차 이런 거 비롯해서 문플라워님꺼 채보 많이 넣어서 해봤습니다. 중렙이랑 저렙 채보 잘 뽑으시던데요? 그 문플라워가 맞다면 저는 개인적으로 그다지 나쁘다고 생각이 들진 않았는데....
혹시나 당선되신 게 있고, 제가 직접적으로 거지같다고 까는 게 불편하셨으면 죄송하게 생각합니다. 안 그러셔도 돼요.

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