COMMAND WINDOW You can see command window functions in PIU XX.

A feature only in the full mode of Pump It Up PRIME is a simple and easy command window to change the options you need.

(Command window is not supported on Basic mode)

Command window command
Speed increase command
Speed decrease command
Change the note speed
Set note speed to 1x
Set note speed to 2x
Set note speed to 3x
Set note speed to 4x
Set note speed to 5x
Set note speed to 6x
Set note speed to +0.5x
Notes move as an earthworm
Note speed changes randomly
Note speed moves with increasing speed
Note speed moves with decreasing speed
Set the speed of auto velocity
Velocity minus 1
Velocity minus 10
Velocity minus 100
Velocity plus 100
Velocity plus 10
Velocity plus 1
Change Game Screen display
Notes disappear from the middle of the screen.
Notes appear from the middle of the screen.
Makes notes invisible.
Makes the sequence zone invisible.

Notes will blink as they move.
Chooses a random Note Skin
Deactivate BGA of the song
Changes the Note Skin
Set Flower Card Note Skin
Set Old Note Skin
Set Easy Note Skin
Set Slime Note Skin
Set Music Note Skin
Set Canon Note Skin
Set Poker Note Skin
Set NX Note Skin
Set Sheep Note Skin
Set Horse Note Skin
Set Dog Note Skin
Set Girl Note Skin
Set Fire Note Skin
Set Ice Note Skin
Set Wind Note Skin
Set NXA Note Skin
Set NX2 Note Skin
Set lightning Note Skin
Set Drum Note Skin
Set Missile Note Skin
Set Football Note Skin
Set Rebirth Note Skin
Set Basic Mode Note Skin
Set Fiesta Note Skin
Set Fiesta 2 Note Skin
Set PRIME Note Skin
Set PRIME 2 Note Skin
Change the notes movement
Notes move diagonally
Notes move in a different perspective
Notes and Sequence zone are rotated by 180 degrees.
Notes come down from top to bottom

Notes move with a sinking curve
Notes move with a rising curve
Notes move like snakes
Change the appearance of Steps
Rotate the song's steps by 180 degrees
Randomize the appearance of the steps
Change the Judgement
Change to a Hard Judgement
Change the judgement range to it's opposite.
Set how to sort songs
Sort songs in order of alphabet
Challenge Rank Mode
Applies to the status of BGA ON, VJ Judge, Break ON